October 11th 2012

I was recently asked by a friend, Nathan Jurevicius, to create a painting for a show he was curating.  Nathan is the artist behind Scarygirl, a series of illustrated stories, games and toys centred around the namesake main character.  He has been creating this series for the last 10 years, and wanted to have an anniversary show dedicated to other artist's interpretations of his set of characters.

I decided to tackle the main character, Scarygirl.  I wanted to make her look like a real little girl, which was a real challenge because so much about the character is highly stylized.  She has a stitched mouth and a hook for a hand.  The character also has a single bone where her hand should be, and I decided to leave that absent.  I think she started to look a bit like a little girl from a Japanese horror movie, but I'm happy with the direction it took.

The show is set to open at Underground Gallery in New York on Hallowe'en night; Wednesday, October 31st.  To view a few more pieces from the exhibition; which will display the work of over 100 artists, head over to Magic Pony's blog.