July 29th 2013

One of my favourite recurring illustration jobs in the last while has been a set of black and white portraits of chefs featured in The New York Times 'Eat' section of the magazine.  Some previous features have been done on chefs Juanjo López, Julie Sahni and Claudia Roden.

The two illustrations pictured below were published in the magazine in the past few months. The first, of Linda Lau Anusasananan, was featured in mid-May in an article called 'The Nomad's Kitchen', and the second of Edward Khechemyan was featured in this past weekend's article titled, 'This Armenian Life'.

July 24th 2013

Back in the early spring, I had a couple of visitors.  The one, Celine McKay, was an old friend from back home.  She now runs a beautiful publication, Pure Green Magazine.  The other was a local photographer, who's work I've admired for a while now; Rebecca Wood.  Celine had asked us to get together so they could do a feature on my workspace for the current issue of the magazine, Inspired Workspace.  

We met up at the Common, a favourite coffee shop of mine, had a nice chat, then headed back to my home/workspace for more photos.

It was so wonderful to catch up with Celine after so many years.  We'd been friends in high school, and as these things go sometimes, had lost touch over the years proceeding.  She now runs this magazine and has recently become a new mother, so we had a lot to catch up on!

Below are some photos from the feature, as well as some outtakes, all captured by Rebecca.  They were both so lovely to work with, and it was such a great day spent with two great women.

All photos above ©Rebecca Wood

July 19th 2013

Here is a much needed update, and there will be lots more coming soon.

I've been so busy, (and overwhelmed by this heat wave we're having), that I haven't had much time to show what's been keeping me so busy.  Sometimes it can be quite hard finding a balance between working and showing my work.

Here's something to get the (rather large) ball rolling; I've been asked by The New York Times Magazine to do a weekly job with them.  I'm illustrating the final page of the magazine,for the Lives section.  I've done these jobs before, but it's nice to have something so regular!

Here are a few from the past month or so.

'I Was Too Clever to Quit Smoking', published June 16, 2013

'My Manhattan Fantasies Realized.  Sort of', published June 23, 2013

'How the Other Half Lives', published July 7, 2013