January 15th 2014

It's a little belated, but happy new year, everyone!

To say that I have a little catching up to do on this blog is a bit of an understatement.  It's quite embarrassing how behind I've gotten on this thing.  (Perhaps I should use this post as a job listing for a new studio assistant??).

Even though very little has been posted here in the last… month… s… I plan to go back through the work I've done over the past while and update what I've been up to during this hiatus.

So; since my last post, some exciting projects have come over my desk.  One in particular was a solo show that I worked on over the summer, and opened at Hellion Gallery in Portland in November.  I've got photos of the two new paintings I did for the show that I'm fixing up, and will do a proper post in a couple of days.

I also worked for TIME Magazine for the first time this September.  I was asked to do a set of nine portraits for them for an article on the Clinton Global Initiative; among the portraits were ones of Bill Gates and Brad Pitt, which was a lot of fun.

I've been working for nearly a year now as the regular weekly illustrator for The New York Times Magazine's back page; the Lives article.  It's been a wonderful job so far, and I'll post a few below with links to their articles.

Keeping Kosher

I also did a job with the WWF, which was a dream.  I love what they do, so it was a pleasure to do a set of illustrations for the Winter 2013 issue of their quarterly World Wildlife Magazine.

One of the highlights of the past few months was a series of portraits I did for The New York Times Magazine's Movies Issue.  I was asked to illustrate 14 Hollywood screenwriters, which accompanied 11 short films, (and may be viewed here).

Seriously!?  I don't think there's a single person on this list that I don't admire.  This job was an absolute joy.  I particularly liked being able to paint local writer/ director Sarah Polley.  Very exciting.

I'll update with further work in an additional post or two in the next few days.

To close off this first post of 2014: some New Year's resolutions; drink more water, take my vitamins, keep this thing updated like a responsible freelance illustrator...


  1. OMG Melinda!!!

    The work and the clients you are working for are AAAAAAAMAZING!
    This makes me so happy!


    1. Celine! I know, pretty exciting! I hope you, Jinny and Ellie are well, (I can't wait to see you all soon!) xox

  2. You are such a talent, dear M - that's why you've been a busy lady because you are in demand!!!

    1. Ha, thanks Charlyn! Busy, busy! But not too busy to grab a coffee one of these days?? ;)

  3. Being your studio assistant would be a dream job ~