August 27th 2010

I dropped off the rest of my work at the gallery yesterday, (yaaaaaaay!), and am back to work on some commissions and fun side projects. It feels really good to have those paintings done and safely delivered.

A couple of days ago, my friend Nikki sent me this video and, just like during "Where the Wild Things Are", I got a little bit teary. I love this video! It's so, so sweet!

Finally, thank you to Meighan O'Toole at My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses for the feature yesterday! I'm planning on posting the other three paintings when this show opens on September 9th, but if you'd like a preview, please contact the gallery.


  1. I love that video! Thank you for sharing. It's really sweet. I'm going to go share it too!

  2. I never ever EVER watch videos, especially on blogs, but for some reason clicked this one. wow I LOVE that animation, its lovely

  3. i wish the real world was the world of the wild things and charming vimeo animations.

    congrats on dropping off the paintings. if i see any foxes in the manitoba wilderness, you will be the first to know. xo.

  4. Thanks Kate and lavienouveau!
    And Anthony! I hope you do! Did you bring your camera?