October 1st 2010

I brought them home yesterday; my new silkscreen prints! Mike and Bianca did a wonderful job! It's called Dalahäst Blå, and they're now available on my website. Please email me for shipping costs.

I also found out that the new, and first print issue, of Plaid Magazine was released today, and features an interview I did with writer Navi Lamba!

September 30th 2010

Above is the video taken while working with Mike and Bianca at Kid Icarus on my new silkscreen print. (There is even a sneak peek of it in the background!).

The video was taken by My City Lives, an online video database dedicated to showcasing local citizens, public spaces and businesses. They approached Kid Icarus to feature what it is that they do in their silkscreening shop. Since I was planning on creating a new print with them, they asked that I be a part of the video and talk about how, as an artist, I can bring them my work and have editions made. This is my third print with them, and I'm very excited to release it! (I should have the prints this afternoon, and will have then online in no time!).

Also, I'll be posting another link to this video next week. Kid Icarus, in conjunction with My City Lives, will be running a giveaway of Mystery Loot Bags and one of my new prints! So if you'd like to get your hands on a new print, I'll post the details of how to do so in the coming week.

September 27th 2010

Some beautiful oil paintings from Christer Karlstad.

I stumbled upon his work on Booooooom! this morning. I'm always drawn to realist portraiture, especially including wildlife associated with the north. I was raised in mid-northern Ontario, (and returned for a visit this weekend), and often come back to that theme in my own artwork. There is something very melancholy and quiet about the north. It's a nice place to get away when I've been in the city for a while. It's especially beautiful this time of year.

I took some photos of some great reference out in the woods this weekend, which I'll be sure and post when I've uploaded them.

September 24th 2010

I had an exciting day yesterday.

Part of the afternoon was spent at Kid Icarus here in Toronto developing a new silkscreen print with Mike and his partner Bianca, as well as filming a small project which I'll be sure and go in to detail about when it's online.

The silkscreen print will be my third printed by Kid Icarus. I keep returning to them, because they do an amazing job. They're able to mimic the effect of watercolour through layers of transparent silkscreen inks. It's remarkable how close to the original they're able to get. Here are two previous prints printed by Mike; the first, Fig Newton. (The original painting was only 4" x 6")!, and the second, Like a Bear Knitting. I can't wait to post the new print in the next little while!

I wish I could head to New York to see this in person.

September 15th 2010

I haven't been posting much in the last few days because I've been under the weather. But regardless, I'm slowly working away on some fun projects, including some commissions and an illustration for the upcoming Uppercase Work/Life 2 book.

I've been drinking a lot of tea to make my throat feel a bit better, so I was so excited when Naomi gave me this adorable tea cup last night! She found it at the St. Lawrence Antique Market, and it's beautiful; painted with stylized clover in pretty blue and gold leaf. I love it! (You can just see it in the photo above).

It's also getting cooler here in Toronto, so when I take some time away from my work, I've started knitting a cozy fall sweater. I'll have to post a photo of my progress on another day. It'll be lovely if it works out!

The cool weather's been making me want to cook comfort meals and curl up under a blanket in a comfy chair. Maybe that's just feeling under the weather, though, too. I feel like I'm finally coming to terms with the fall approaching. I had a hard time letting go of summer this year.

Finally, I read on Jenny Gordy's blog today, the release for a new Lines & Shapes book, Brooklyn Diary, is due out in a month. The book looks like it will be another beautiful publication from the Journal Series. I can't wait to see more.

September 10th 2010

the dazzle at narwhal
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Last night was the most fun!

The show looked fantastic, and the gallery was crowded with friends, old and new, family and colleagues all evening. The work worked together so well! It seemed to me that each artist has a sense of the collector in them, and so that was brought out in each piece of work.

Anabela posted some beautiful photos on her blog, Fieldguided and Flickr. If you click through the above image, you can see the full set of photos on Flickr.

I just want to thank everyone who was able to make it out last night, and those well-wishers that I heard from before and after the show. It was a wonderful evening, and I'm thrilled with the exhibition.

The show will be up at Narwhal until October 17th, so if you're in the area and weren't able to make it out last night, you have some time to go and be Dazzled.

September 9th 2010

The show at Narwhal Art Projects opens tonight!

I'm getting very excited to see the collection of work that they've curated for this exhibition. There is a very good mix of artists of all disciplines and it will be wonderful to see how they all come together.

These are the last three pieces that I created for the show; Great Horned Owl, Silver-Haired Bat and Snowshoe Hare.

I hope that if you're in the area, you can make it out for the opening of THE DAZZLE tonight, starting at 7pm! Narwhal Art Projects is located at 680 Queen St. W in Toronto. For online previews of the show, (until 5pm this evening), please contact the gallery at contact {at} narwhalartprojects {dot} com.