September 24th 2010

I had an exciting day yesterday.

Part of the afternoon was spent at Kid Icarus here in Toronto developing a new silkscreen print with Mike and his partner Bianca, as well as filming a small project which I'll be sure and go in to detail about when it's online.

The silkscreen print will be my third printed by Kid Icarus. I keep returning to them, because they do an amazing job. They're able to mimic the effect of watercolour through layers of transparent silkscreen inks. It's remarkable how close to the original they're able to get. Here are two previous prints printed by Mike; the first, Fig Newton. (The original painting was only 4" x 6")!, and the second, Like a Bear Knitting. I can't wait to post the new print in the next little while!

I wish I could head to New York to see this in person.


  1. It sounds really great, Melinda! Can't wait to see what it is.

  2. Does a silk screen keep out bugs?

  3. oh i love yoshitomo nara.

    i've been trying to make excuses as to why i NEED to go to new york this fall, and maybe i can add this to the list.

    also looking forward to your horsey print.


  4. Anabela, thanks! I'll post it VERY shortly. I just got word that they're ready for pickup mid-week! Fun!
    Anonymous, I know who you are, and I know that you've silkscreened before. And well. Don't be a goof, Mr. B.
    Tony, I know! I love Nara! He's amazing. If you go to New York, (and in the fall! Lucky!), take lots of photos so that I can pretend that I'm there too! Infact, maybe I'll splurge and take a trip, myself! (Even though we're already going to Montreal in Nov.)!