September 27th 2010

Some beautiful oil paintings from Christer Karlstad.

I stumbled upon his work on Booooooom! this morning. I'm always drawn to realist portraiture, especially including wildlife associated with the north. I was raised in mid-northern Ontario, (and returned for a visit this weekend), and often come back to that theme in my own artwork. There is something very melancholy and quiet about the north. It's a nice place to get away when I've been in the city for a while. It's especially beautiful this time of year.

I took some photos of some great reference out in the woods this weekend, which I'll be sure and post when I've uploaded them.


  1. oooh I like that second one a lot.

  2. Sarah, I love them! I think I like the first one better though. (Did you notice what was in the frame on the wall?)
    And Jason, that's funny! I posted about him recently; here :

  3. Anthony, I'm very sad to see that you're giving up your blog! I miss it already!