February 28th 2011

I haven't been posting much on the blog lately, have I? I apologize. The thing is, I have a ton of work on the go, but until they're released/published I can't post about them! Disappointing. So instead, I've decided to post a few images by one of my favorite illustrators, Brian Cronin.

He's been a favorite of mine for years, and his work keeps getting better and more engaging. I recently found some of his work in a magazine, (I think it was the current issue of Real Simple! I'm embarrassed that I can't remember!), and two of the above illustrations were included in the article.

I'm in love with his palette. He combines colour in unusual ways, giving the images a vintage look. For more of his portfolio - including some gorgeous John Wyndham covers for Penguin Books, here is his website.

February 10th 2011

It's out! Here is an illustration I did back in December for the first ever Weddings Issue of Uptown Magazine. The article was about "Etiquette for Brides Grooms and Guests: (how to handle those tricky issues like the seating chart, what to give as a gift, should you invite your ex-boyfriend if he's now a friend?)".

Also, a little while back I mentioned the new Uppercase book, Work/Life 2 Directory of International Illustration would be out in print in February, but the date has been pushed back to March. I'll be sure and update when it's out!

February 7th 2011

While taking a quick break from some drawing this morning, I opened up my browser to find that good friend Celine Kim has a new photography website! It's designed so beautifully, from the layout to the font and new logo. It really is.

She's such a talented photographer, and it's so nice to see so many of her photos in one place. She also has a blog that's always fun to read, here.

Back in the fall, Celine took engagement photos of Chris and I, and will be photographing our wedding this spring. I can't wait.

Febraury 2nd 2011

I've been terrible at keeping up with this blog, and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse in the next little while. (So I'm apologizing in advance).

This is part of the reason! Aside from some illustration jobs I'm working on, Chris and I are planning our upcoming wedding this spring.

We recently went up to Tanya Robert's letterpress studio here in Toronto, Snap & Tumble. We had so much fun designing and printing them ourselves! We're putting a lot of effort in to making as much as we can by hand.

I just finished up a fun job, and when it's published shortly, I'll post about it! I have lots of new work to share.