February 7th 2011

While taking a quick break from some drawing this morning, I opened up my browser to find that good friend Celine Kim has a new photography website! It's designed so beautifully, from the layout to the font and new logo. It really is.

She's such a talented photographer, and it's so nice to see so many of her photos in one place. She also has a blog that's always fun to read, here.

Back in the fall, Celine took engagement photos of Chris and I, and will be photographing our wedding this spring. I can't wait.


  1. Yay go celine go! Her photographs are just awesome! Also you guys must be getting so excited Melinda for your big day...woot woot!

  2. so happy you like the site Melinda! And so happy you like the logo! I really love how it turned out! Having a website makes me feel all official and businessy! It's a great feeling! Can't wait for your wedding!


  3. Rhya, I know! And yes! We're so excited!
    Celine, I do, it's really beautiful! xo

  4. i love her photos! looks like your wedding will be beautifully documented. thanks for the new blog suggestion. and super congrats on the engagement!