February 10th 2011

It's out! Here is an illustration I did back in December for the first ever Weddings Issue of Uptown Magazine. The article was about "Etiquette for Brides Grooms and Guests: (how to handle those tricky issues like the seating chart, what to give as a gift, should you invite your ex-boyfriend if he's now a friend?)".

Also, a little while back I mentioned the new Uppercase book, Work/Life 2 Directory of International Illustration would be out in print in February, but the date has been pushed back to March. I'll be sure and update when it's out!


  1. nice illustration, Melinda! Geez, I love the wedding gown :)

  2. Super lovely!
    Awww, they shouldn't fight....heeheeee ;)

  3. Thanks Charlyn! I want to see more of your drawings!
    And Jen, thanks so much. I loved your piece in Uppercase this past issue!

  4. Thanks Melinda! It was a fun one to do. Your work is lovely, I've admired it for a while now :)

    And your wedding looks like it'll be gorgeous!

  5. Thanks Jen, that's so sweet of you to say.
    And thanks to you too, Cherry!

  6. congrats! as usual - it is super lovely!