July 23rd 2010

I just started a Facebook page.
It was about time, really...

July 22nd 2010

They're up!

Anabela just posted the beautiful photos that she took around our apartment / studio a couple of days ago on her blog, Fieldguided, for her new series "Homebodies". Thanks, Anabela!

July 21st 2010

Yesterday, Anabela came over to take photos of our home and studio. I'm excited to see how they turned out. She's very sweet; always bringing a treat with her when we visit. The last time, it was the Dala horse cake pans, which I plan to get lots more use out of when things cool off and I have more time to bake.

Yesterday, however, it was an adorable pair of cat coasters that she'd sewn, (with hand-embroidered faces!). I fell in love instantly! I love cats, linen and gingham, and they couldn't have been more perfect. I've already been getting a ton of use out of them. I usually have a coffee or tea on my desk while I work, so I've got a sweet kitty coaster to set them on now.

She's making a batch of them to sell at the Little Winter market in Portland, OR in November. I'm so flattered that she gave a pair to me. I think they'll do very well.

Anabela also has a new line of handmade bags being released August 2nd with her friend, Caitlin Holcomb, of Nice Etc. The line is called Summer Water, and updates on the project can be found here. Very exciting! I'm sure they'll sell out straight away! They're beautiful bags.

Anabela will be posting her photos from her visit in the next week or so, and I'll be sure and post a link as soon as she does.

July 19th 2010

More good news! (There seems to be a lot of it lately!)

I've been asked to be in the second edition of Work/Life, an illustration collection published by Uppercase. I'm so excited! I love their quarterly magazine, and the books they put out are beautiful. They've featured some of my favorite artists, so I'm so flattered to be among them.

The book will include a spread for each artist; containing personal interviews, photos of their work and the artists in their studios.

The book is scheduled for release next spring; February 2011.

July 18th 2010

I finished reading (okay, listening to) To Kill A Mockingbird again yesterday. I think it may be safe to say that it is my favorite book of all time. I love every character, and the sweet, slightly naïve way that it was written. (Oh yeah, and I love the movie, because Gregory Peck is so handsome).

I dream of finding the book with this Penguin cover one day. It was the model used for the cover of Seven Hundred Penguins.

July 16th 2010

Oh my goodness! It's been an amazing couple of days!

Since the press release went out yesterday regarding the TD Canadian Children's Award, there has been a ton of press!

Here is some that's been sent to me so far:
And I also found out that the book was on Chapters! I had no idea!

Mélanie Vincelette, the author of the book and publisher of Les Éditions Marchand de feuilles, also wrote in her blog about the award.

I'm planning to head to Montréal for the Award Gala in November, and can't wait to start planning the trip! (I really love Montréal, and can't wait to visit again!).

July 15th 2010

I'm so glad I'm able to share some good news with you today!

I recently found out that Le Géranium, the french-language children's book that I illustrated last year, has been chosen as a finalist for the TD Canadian Children's Literature Award for 2010! I'm thrilled! The final announcement will be given on November 2nd of this year, so I'll be anxiously awaiting word until then!

July 12th 2010

I've been very neglectful with my poor old blog lately, as well as Flickr, and pretty much everything else online. I've been working really hard on a series of paintings, and they've begun to take up most hours of my days.

I may be distant in the next little while, but I'll be back again! It may be about a month or so, but when I'm back, I'll be able to post about my paintings, and explain the process and a bit about my ideas behind the project.

July 7th 2010

Today I (finally!) made it in to Mjölk (pron. Mi-Yelk) and met the owners Juli and John. They're a lovely couple, and their shop is in-credible. I want to live in it. I'd like every piece of housewares they carry. And furniture. Oh, and lighting...

Here are a couple of my favorite things from the shop; the Kaico Milk Pan, designed by Makoto Koizumi, and the Kami Mug, by Oji Masanori. I seem to gravitate toward the Japanese Scandinavian-inspired design. I really couldn't pick what my favorite objects were, but these are just a couple.

I wish I'd brought my camera! But there are some very pretty photos and a great write-up on Anabela's blog!

I love a good reason to visit the Junction. It's such a nice neighbourhood, and changing so quickly, there'ssomething new each time I visit. It's always fun to bike along the new Rail Trail, (and it was actually nice and cool in the shade!). We also found a couple of great, newer vintage/antique places, and, (on Juli's advice), checked out new cafe The Good Neighbour. It was such a pretty space, and had great coffee and treats. I had an iced coffee and savoury white cheddar and chive scone, and nikki had an iced chai latte, (which was AMAZING), and lemon and ginger scone. I recommend all of them very highly.

PS - Thanks to everyone for your support and sweet comments regarding my last post about Chris' stolen bike. Still no sign of it, but he's looking for a new one, and a very good lock. xo

July 2nd 2010

Today has been a pretty full spectrum of good to bad. Actually, starting bad, but going better.

It started with us waking up to find that Chris' bike had been stolen off our porch last night. And we didn't hear a sound. It breaks my heart that his bike was taken, especially after Chris surprised me with a new bike a couple of weeks ago. He rides everywhere. It's his only mode of transportation. So if you're local, and you see someone riding this bike, (a Cannondale frame turned matte silver, with a gold fork, black fenders and seat, and (possibly still?) red BMX handlebar pad), please let us know!

Very lucky for me, my bike, which had been locked to Chris', wasn't stolen. (I will be getting a very good lock in the very near future, so leave it alone, thieves!). That was one good thing.

Another was getting a couple of frames finished and making a good batch of lemonade. But I'll admit, the bike thing made the whole day a little greyer.