July 19th 2010

More good news! (There seems to be a lot of it lately!)

I've been asked to be in the second edition of Work/Life, an illustration collection published by Uppercase. I'm so excited! I love their quarterly magazine, and the books they put out are beautiful. They've featured some of my favorite artists, so I'm so flattered to be among them.

The book will include a spread for each artist; containing personal interviews, photos of their work and the artists in their studios.

The book is scheduled for release next spring; February 2011.


  1. whoo! what awesome news! you are one of my all time favourites, so it cheers my heart to hear such great things heading your way.

  2. Thank you Karyn! That message totally brightened my day!

  3. wow wow, melinda! so proud! xoxo.

  4. I just read what this is all about through your link, and I must say, this is elite!
    you deserve it. your work is top notch!

  5. I know! So exciting! Thanks for the sweet comment, Celine! xo