July 7th 2010

Today I (finally!) made it in to Mjölk (pron. Mi-Yelk) and met the owners Juli and John. They're a lovely couple, and their shop is in-credible. I want to live in it. I'd like every piece of housewares they carry. And furniture. Oh, and lighting...

Here are a couple of my favorite things from the shop; the Kaico Milk Pan, designed by Makoto Koizumi, and the Kami Mug, by Oji Masanori. I seem to gravitate toward the Japanese Scandinavian-inspired design. I really couldn't pick what my favorite objects were, but these are just a couple.

I wish I'd brought my camera! But there are some very pretty photos and a great write-up on Anabela's blog!

I love a good reason to visit the Junction. It's such a nice neighbourhood, and changing so quickly, there'ssomething new each time I visit. It's always fun to bike along the new Rail Trail, (and it was actually nice and cool in the shade!). We also found a couple of great, newer vintage/antique places, and, (on Juli's advice), checked out new cafe The Good Neighbour. It was such a pretty space, and had great coffee and treats. I had an iced coffee and savoury white cheddar and chive scone, and nikki had an iced chai latte, (which was AMAZING), and lemon and ginger scone. I recommend all of them very highly.

PS - Thanks to everyone for your support and sweet comments regarding my last post about Chris' stolen bike. Still no sign of it, but he's looking for a new one, and a very good lock. xo


  1. You should get them to introduce you to Isha! She is such a beautiful cat. I love meeting everyone's cats!

  2. I did! haha! Their apartment and cat are both so sweet! Poor Isha looked really hot! (I feel bad for all of our cats today...)

  3. Oh yay!

    I know, I feel so guilty knowing that I am sitting at my desk in the icy air conditioned air and Oreo is laying low to the ground to keep cool. Maybe they like it! Let's hope so.

  4. Dre looks like he dislikes it. A LOT. He's been hiding out on the bricks in front of the fireplace and underneath Chris' desk for the last few days. He looks surly and unhappy. Poor old man!

  5. Our poor little furballs! Yeah, Oreo is really grumpy these days and doesn't like to be touched (she bites!). She also wakes me up in the middle of the night with her complaints, which never happens usually.

  6. love that store. the birch bark artwork is BEAUTIFUL.