September 9th 2010

The show at Narwhal Art Projects opens tonight!

I'm getting very excited to see the collection of work that they've curated for this exhibition. There is a very good mix of artists of all disciplines and it will be wonderful to see how they all come together.

These are the last three pieces that I created for the show; Great Horned Owl, Silver-Haired Bat and Snowshoe Hare.

I hope that if you're in the area, you can make it out for the opening of THE DAZZLE tonight, starting at 7pm! Narwhal Art Projects is located at 680 Queen St. W in Toronto. For online previews of the show, (until 5pm this evening), please contact the gallery at contact {at} narwhalartprojects {dot} com.


  1. Oh how I wish I lived in your part of the world so I could see all of these together, I've loved seeing this collection come together online! Best of luck for the show xxx

  2. Melinda, you're an amazing talent...have a great time at the show.

  3. I can't wait to see them melinda! I got to take a peek of them in the window when I walked by narwhal a couple of weeks ago! I barely saw anything though! I want to see it in real life!
    see you tonight!!

  4. Holy. If you should ever decide to make prints of these I will have such (SUCH!) a hard time picking between the fox, the bat, the owl and the mouse. I love them all. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks so much Di, Tanya, Celine and Rachelle! Celine, I'll see you there! And Rachelle, if I do ever decide to do prints, I'll be sure and let you know.

  6. Oh I love these!
    I think you would like my reference for my next drawing,
    you can see it at m blogspot- furoftheoutcasts

  7. they looked even more amazing in person, merl.

    the owl is really out of this world.


  8. Camilla, thanks for the link.
    And Anthony! I'm so glad you and Peter made it out last night. It was so nice to see you two. (I'm glad you liked the owl! I still think that one's my favorite out of the bunch).

  9. wow.. your work is so beautiful <3