March 25th 2011

It's finally arrived! I received a copy of the new Uppercase 'Work / Life 2 - Directory of International Illustration' in the mail!

I can finally post this painting that I had commissioned last summer. It was painted to be given to a couple that already had a small number of my pieces and were having their first baby. The painting is of their two rex cornish cats; Doug on the left, Lu on the right.

Below is the cover, my spread, and a page that I love of Olaf Hajek's bike with paint brushes strapped to the back. I'd like to thank both Celine Kim and Anabela Carneiro for allowing me to use photos of theirs for my page. Celine took the portrait of me with my Brownie camera, and Anabela took the photos of my studio for her 'This is Where I Live' series on her blog, Fieldguided.


  1. Amazing! I need to get my hands on a copy!

  2. :D Such a beautiful painting!
    Looking forward to seeing you, Celine, Anabela and Nikki this weekend!!!!! ;**

  3. I love that portrait of you, Melinda. Lovely studio shots too!

  4. Thanks Juli!
    Anabela, you will! It turned out so great!
    Charlyn, I can't wait! I'm hungry already!
    Thank you Tanya! Celine catches the best moments! And Anabela's studio photos were wonderful!

  5. Is this book available now?

    I have the first edition but would love to order the second!


  6. I want to see this in person! congrats melinda!

  7. Rachelle, the book is available now through the Uppercase website, and probably some local book shops, (if you're in Toronto?), soon!
    The first edition was great!
    Thanks Celine! You can come over and have a look if you have time before you leave! xox
    And thanks Bianca!