May 18th 2011

Here are those drawings I'd promised. I sent these off to Amsterdam a few weeks back and they arrived safely, in time for the 100 Euro Show.

We were asked to send four original drawings, and I included the sketch for the Little Burgundy cover I just did, the sketch for the first cordyceps painting in the series I did for The Dazzle last summer, and the drawings used for my Woodland and Springtime Tea Party GOCCO prints.

Here is the finished work for the Little Burgundy cover, which is out in Little Burgundy stores here in Canada now,

as well as the inside illustration and some spots I did for them.

That's all for now, but before I sign off; one final thing. Today is the 7-year anniversary of my first date with Chris. Happy anniversary Chris B! (He says the anniversary is reset now that we're married, but I'm going to celebrate both!)


  1. This cat illustration is just beautiful!!!

  2. Thank you Jamie! Let me know when you get your website up; I'd love to see it!

  3. *meow*!
    You're such a talent dear!

    Congrats on the beautiful work, your recent nuptials and ofcourse, your 7 year anniversary!!!


  4. omg the last drawing of cats is the sweetest!
    and, happy anniversary to you and chris!! Jin still counts our dating anniversary too(7 years since Feb!!)!

  5. Charlyn! Thank you! You're so sweet!
    And Celine! I didn't realize that you and Jin started dating around the same time as Chris and I! Neato! Happy 7 years to you, too! xox
    I can't wait for brunch, you two! (I walked by Delux earlier today, and my stomach growled a little...)

  6. Happy 7th Anniversary! And... Congratulations on your marriage! Looking forward to seeing photos of your beautiful day.

  7. Ahh! Thanks Erica! I hope you're well! It's been a long time! xo

  8. love your work, you are here today