September 19th 2011

My hand is cramped.  I spent the three days following our Boston trip catching up on some work.  I had a fairly rushed job that I finished up late last night, that I can't wait to share.  It was a pretty big job, and I'm so happy with the results.  I don't believe it'll be published until November, so I'll have to post it when it becomes available.

In the meantime, I wanted to post a couple of images that I'm completely in love with.  Back in August, Chris' Dad gave me a book; The Paper Garden, for my birthday.  I haven't had a chance to read through very far, but have flipped through the pages to look at the incredible images scattered throughout the book.  It's about a woman named Mary Delany, an English aristocrat, who didn't begin her life's work, cutting gorgeously intricate botanical illustrations from paper, until the age of 72.  Her work is incredibly deft and accurate, and can still be found at the British Museum to this day.  (This is surprising, because she created them during the 18th century, and didn't take care to properly archive her works; delicately crafted out of hand-dyed onion/ tissue papers).

I'm always appreciative of work that is incredibly detailed, so her work really stands out to me.  I love her use of deep, ink-black backgrounds.  They make her work look so rich.


  1. Ohh! So lovely!!

    Maybe I'll go to the British Museum when I'm in London???

  2. Oh, you should! I think it's supposed to be an amazing museum. (If you do, take some photos! I'd love to see!) xo

  3. omg, my aunt was telling me to read this! incredible story and such interesting work. Very inspiring!

  4. Maybe we'll end up reading it at the same time! Book club! (Let me know what you think when you've read it!)

  5. The flower is beautiful. I love the intricate detail, and the delicate nature. So beautiful.

    You post wonderful things.

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  6. Thank you Amy. I'm glad you like the posts!