November 20th 2012

Things have gotten very busy for me lately, and I'll have some new work up here to prove it soon enough.

In the meantime I wanted to share someone else's work.

Chris and I went to see the work of a talented young friend at a shop here in our neighbourhood.  We've been friends with Hannah for a while now, and she's come by to work with me in my studio.  She's currently exhibiting work at Of A Kind, a vintage and vinyl shop, which also acts as a venue for local artists to show.  You can view a profile of her work on their site, as well as more of her work on her blog.

This particular piece was my favourite; titled AND IT NEVER CAME OFF.  Hannah is sixteen, and her work is wrought with those raw emotions we all had at that age; she portrays these feelings with a deft hand.

If you're close by, I highly recommend a trip out to Of A Kind for a look.  Hannah's work will be up on display until December 15th.


  1. Is this that woman's daughter from the Y who asked if she could come watch you work?? WHAT! This girl is only 16 and she's already exhibiting! I'm impressed. I also love Team Macho's review written on her blog. "Like roller derby kick your bitch ass cool"

    1. The very same!
      Yeah, she's super talented! And Team Macho's review was pretty hilarious. The best part is that the roller derby part is true; she skates in a roller derby!