January 3rd 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

My new year has started off very well so far; I spent some time over the holidays with family and friends, travelled around with Chris, and got a much-needed break from work for a couple of weeks.

Now, we're both back to it, and I'm feeling refreshed.

I stopped in to Kid Icarus a few days ago and signed and picked up a new print!  I've been talking about this particular print for a while now.  It was used to help Kid Icarus in their fundraising efforts for their new location in Kensington Market.  (You can view the video of my interview with them, and working on the painting, here).  I painted this back in the spring; and in early winter, when Kid Icarus was settled back in to their new space, I worked together with them to get the print looking just right, (and it does!  I'm very happy with this print!).

It's called 'Running Hare', and is now available on my website.

1 comment:

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