February 13th 2013

I'm so swamped with work lately that I haven't given much thought to keeping my blog updated; so my apologies for that.  I have loads of work to update with, and will get to it in a couple of weeks when things settle down again.

I may be feeling a little sappy due to a certain special day coming up tomorrow, but a thought caught in my head today and reminded me of something that I've been saving, (for sentiment's sake), for years now.

Years ago, when Chris and I first started dating, we were living in different cities.  We'd gone to school together in Oakville, but didn't start dating until he'd graduated and moved to Toronto.  So we'd sometimes send little packages to each other.  He was a professional parcel-sender; sometimes even constructing the boxes that housed the little presents he'd send.

This little beauty was one of my favourites.

He'd used sections of paper towel rolls to hold a small box in the centre of the package in place.  In each side of the tubes, he'd cut out tiny pink giraffes that I didn't see until I'd removed the box.  (For reference; the giraffes are probably less than 2 centimetres tall).  The little box was the first toy I ever got from the newly opened Magic Pony.  It was a tiny deer figurine from Japan that had to be assembled.  Also housed inside this parcel was a hot pink pencil crayon.  (I'd been going through a hot pink phase in my sketchbooks, haha!).

Receiving these parcels was such a treat.  I was in my final year at school, under a lot of stress, and those little treats did wonders to lift my spirits.  It's been years since I received this surprise package in the mail, and I've held on to it all this time as a reminder of the early days of our courtship.


  1. Oh that guy!! He's too much! Too much!

    you two are the cutest!!

  2. this is the sweetest things i've seen in a while. i may have to recreate something of this nature.

  3. i love this! who knew chris could be such a softie.

  4. Anabela, Celine and Tony; I know, that guy's the best!