February 12th 2010

A couple of days ago I got a package in the mail. Getting mail is most definitely one of the best things in the world in my opinion.

This particular package was sent to me by Sara. I'd been checking her blog and saw that she'd made this sweet little felted fox, (I'm a sucker for felted animals!), and she was giving it away to the first person to comment. I frantically wrote a comment and get it! (Phew!) Little did I know, when she was sending the sweet little fox, she was also sending me a "Beau Bear" by The Pin Pals, a local crafting collective of two lovely ladies, who often sell their wears at the workroom Trunk Shows and other Toronto crafting events. Possibly best of all, however, was the tiny painting Sara made and included in the envelope. It measures about 2½ inches across and 3 high. It's completely adorable. She's been to my studio and knows that I have a collection of tiny things above my desk for inspiration. This fits in perfectly.

I first met Sara a year ago when she asked if she could come visit me at my studio, (which is actually, currently a room that Chris and I share at home to work in). She works for NOW Magazine here in Toronto, doing studio visits with local artists. Here is the interview she did with me, and if you search through their archives, you'll find some wonderful interviews with other friends.

Thank you, Sara! It's the sweetest mail I've gotten in ages!

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