February 8th 2010

I got my copy of Uppercase in the mail today, and opened it up to find a section on Gemma Correll's Flickr group, What I Wore Today. I started doing drawings for the group back in the fall, and was very excited when Janine, the publisher of Uppercase, contacted me to ask if she could use some of my drawings for an article they were writing.

I'm going to make a section on my website for drawings. I've been meaning to make one for a while, and could use a bit of a push to get back to drawing again. I'll post a link when I've put it online.


  1. I love these! they make me want to learn how to watercolour!
    you make it look so natural!
    congrats on making it into uppercase! that's huge!

  2. Thanks Celine!
    I should get back to doing daily drawings again. It's been a while, (like... months!).