October 23rd 2010

As expected, I have the best time up at
Tanya's print studio! I wrote yesterday that I'd won a giveaway through her blog, Snap & Tumble, that allowed me to take her letterpress curiosity workshop. It was even more fun than I'd imagined!

I learned how to set lead type into the chase, (see diagram of the anatomy of the machine below), mix ink, apply it to the ink disc, and register my stationery on the platen of the machine. I probably printed about 100 cards with "FROM THE DESK OF MELINDA JOSIE", (what? I'm old school like that). I'm so happy that I was able to use one of Tanya's personal designs; the set of three little flags, as well.

I got to use her new press; the Chandler & Price pilot press. It was amazing. I want to invest in a press so badly now. (I'm sure Tanya's given the local printing press shop, Don K Black Linecasting, up in Scarborough a lot of business!).

Thank you so much, Tanya, for a wonderful intro to printing!

Also, I forgot to post yesterday about the Masanori Oji exhibition at Mjölk. It was beautiful! For some photos of the opening, visit Mjölk's blog, Kitka Design, and Celine Kim's blog, Bonjour Celine. I'm madly in love with the brass faceted pendant light. It's perfect in every way.


  1. so glad to have you in the studio, Melinda! Can't wait to have you and Chris do some printing.

    Great diagrams of presses. I think it may be a while before I get a floor model press :)

    Thank you again for the gifted print - gotta get the perfect frame for it.

  2. I so wish I was in the class with you Melinda! I had my dates messed up and I had to go to my graduation instead.. Your cards look so sweet. Love them! I'm now looking forward to my letterpress class : D

  3. I love the note cards melinda!
    perfect yellow, and such a cute graphic!

  4. Tanya, it was so much fun. I can't wait to come back up and get printing again! Chris is pretty excited to try printing, too!
    May, I'm sorry you weren't able to make it yesterday! It would have been so nice to meet you in person! But I'm sure we'll meet one of these days. You're going to have the most fun in your workshop! You'll have to post what you make!
    Celine, Thank you! I love this yellow. It's one of my favorite colours. And the best thing about this ink colour? I mixed it roughly from a Pantone book, and was talking to Tanya about how it looked similar to the colour of our wedding envelopes. I mentioned where I'd gotten them, and the name of the colour and she pulled one out of her stock! AND IT MATCHED! So she kept my leftover ink to use when we do invites! Amazing!!

  5. your wedding colours has yellow in it?!?!?!?! I love it!

  6. Thanks Charlyn! Maybe you'll get one in the mail one day! xo

  7. the note cards are so aweseome. the colours remind me of sterling cooper draper pryce. xo

  8. Thank Nikaela - I do love that mustardy yellow. It does looks sort of vintage.