November 15th 2010

I'm working away at my desk today. This time of year always gets really busy, just before the holidays. But the last week or so has been especially hectic.

For one, I'm applying for a couple of artist grants this winter, and I always have a difficult time writing about my work. I think many artists have the same trouble. I can paint, but I'm not a writer. I have lots of ideas and concepts in my head, but they find a very difficult time making it to paper in word form. Luckily, I have a very similar set of ideas for this year's proposals that I did last year. I've been working toward a solid collection of oil paintings for well over a year, and I'm excited to keep developing them further.

I'm also finishing up a small collection of paintings for Mjölk. I'll post all of the paintings when they're finished and ready to take in. They'll be up over the holiday season.

I have another couple of projects lined up, which I'll write about another day.

In the meantime, I thought I'd post a few photos of the gents from Team Macho. I was going through some image reference on my hard drive and found some funny old photos of TM.

Below are some photos by Richelle Forsey, (top and bottom). Richelle has been taking portraits of the boys since their first show with Magic Pony back in 2005, (and she never fails to capture the magic)! The other was taken by the boys of some puppets they created of themselves for display in a miniature igloo fortress at Sid Lee in Amsterdam.

They currently have an show up at Narwhal Art Projects, titled Hibernation Sickness. It's their first exhibition in nearly two years, and contains some of their best work to date.

{ photo by Richelle Forsey }

{ the boys in miniature }

{ a very handsome portrait of Chris, taken by Richelle Forsey }


  1. Can't wait to see the paintings you have Mjolk!

  2. Heehee, love the boys in miniature!
    Don't work too, too hard dear!

  3. Thanks Rizie! I'll post them soon!
    And Charlyn, aren't they cute? I'll try not to work too hard, but at least it's fun work! xox

  4. Chris looks so handsome in the last photo!
    and he looks magical in the first one.

  5. Celine, he is both. Times a thousand. Or more. (♥!) haha!