June 1st 2011

Happy June, everyone!

The weather here in Toronto is gorgeous right now, so it's difficult to sit at my desk and listen to the sounds of the school kids out the window playing and the birds singing and not run outside to frolic a little.

But I have a fun project to work on, so that makes it worthwhile. I wish I could show you what I'm working on! But it will have to wait a couple of months. I can't wait.

A friend posted a link to this video on Twitter earlier this afternoon. It's of Mike and Bianca, the couple behind print studio Kid Icarus, and when I watched it, I realized that my Fig Newton print in all it's print stages is at the very beginning! Fun! It's a beautifully made video, filmed by Stillmotion, and so nice to see the wonderfully creative couple talking about their work. (They're the best!). Enjoy!

kid icarus // the screen printing duo from stillmotion on Vimeo.


  1. yay! some of favourite toronto people representing! we have kid icarus's 3D geese, always been a fan of stillmotions cinema work and melinda your fig newton is adorable =]

  2. I know, I love their 3D stuff! Thanks Gabe!

  3. So wonderful!

    Ofcourse who doesn't love the Fig Newton print? bwahahaaaa ;)

  4. Who couldn't love that little face! Figgy!!

  5. You're making me miss home! Toronto and I have some serious catching up to do when I get back :) Love your Fig Newton and am so happy to have discovered your blog!