June 30, 2011

Yay Machos!

Recently, a filming crew from Reebok came by Team Macho's studio and did a video of them doing a collaborative painting of their friend Kirk Heron. (For the record, Kirk's been a muse on more than one occasion. He models their shirts on their online webshop, too!).

Anyway, here's a really nicely filmed and edited video of the boys painting and speaking a little about their work.

Another piece of exciting Team Macho news; they've created the most incredible giveaway.

During the month of July, they've decided to give five of their original pieces away, only you'll have to work for it. (Oh yeah, and be local, because it's a scavenger hunt!). They're posting clues, starting at 5pm EST as to the whereabouts of their first painting to be given away. Each piece will be wrapped up very well and hidden very, very well. If you're located in Toronto and would like a piece of Team Macho art of your very own, you'll have to follow their Tumblr and Twitter accounts for clues! Fun!

In the next day or two I plan to post a bit, (finally!), about our recent wedding. In the meantime, we got our photos back from our incredible friend/ photographer Celine Kim a couple of days ago, and I've posted a number of them up on my Flickr photostream, if you'd like a preview.

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