August 2nd 2011

Happy August, everyone. To all of my Canadian friends, I hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

I spent mine up north with family at my parent's house. Aside from being eaten by bugs, it was a beautiful weekend, and I'm back and ready to get back to work again.

It was a nice break after the last couple of busy months I've had. I'd taken a little bit of time off from blogging and posting photos to work hard on a children's book project for the same publisher as the last; Bourgeon. The work was sent off in time for me to take the weekend off and relax a little. It's scheduled for release in November! I can't wait. Above is a little preview of one of the paintings from the book. I used Dre as reference; can you tell? Anyway, I'll be sure and post all of the work on my website when the book's been released.

I'm sure everyone's seen this at some point online by now, but if not, check out the inaugural issue of Kinfolk Magazine. It's absolutely beautiful! I wasn't quick enough to get a copy, (they sold out immediately!), but will definitely be quicker next time! Luckily, you can browse the full issue online, here. Congratulations to Nikole Herriott and Tara O'Brady for their article "In Good Company: A weekday get-together for two", and Celine Kim for her beautiful photo of a cottage in Prince Edward Island on the farewell page of the magazine, as well as to all of the other talented contributors!


  1. I LOVE IT melinda
    glad u got some rnr this long weekend!!!

  2. Thanks Roz! It was much needed! xox

  3. your illustrations are lovely Melinda. such talent.