August 27th 2011

I have a couple of exciting projects to post about today!

I recently did some illustrations for Nikole Herriott of Herriott Grace. She wanted to post a recipe on her blog, Forty Sixth at Grace, and asked that I paint some instructional illustrations, as well as the ingredients needed for the recipe, (cloud shaped ice cream sandwiches!). It was so much fun! You can find her blog post here, with a downloadable PDF of the recipe.

Also, over the past month I've done a few illustrations for The New York Times Magazine!

They were for the "Lives" op-ed column, on the back page of the magazine. The first story I was asked to illustrate was for an article titled "The Secret Life of a Rock Dad". It was written by Clay Tarver, previously of a 90's band called "Chavez", and his struggles with becoming a "rock dad".

The second was for this week's issue, and was titled "The Letting Go", written by Siddhartha Mukherjee, and is a beautifully written essay on the differences between the death rituals of India and North America. Below is pictured the illustration I did for it, of a ganga, or Indian funeral boat.


  1. Melinda! You are awesome. These illustrations are so sweet!

  2. These are all beautiful! You are seriously a watercolour wiz!

  3. Hi Mel!! It's amazing!! Very beartuful and very cute!!!
    I want to that pictures!

  4. Tanya, thank you! I'm glad you like them!
    Emily, that's very sweet!
    Kaori! It's so nice to hear from you! I hope you're well!

  5. i love everything in this post, merl.

  6. Thank you, Tony! You're the best! I'm so glad we took a day off on Saturday! xo

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