November 3rd, 2011

Happy November, everyone!

I hope those of you in the north-eastern States have dug out of the snowbanks and are keeping nice and warm.  Strangely, it's been unseasonably warm for the beginning of November here in Toronto.  Though I'm sure many don't want to hear it, I'm really looking forward to the snow...

I know, I know.  But it means being cozy inside with hot cider and cocoa, wooly blankets and short, dark days.  By the end of the winter I'm happy for spring, but I do love a good winter's day.

One reason I'm posting today is to let you know that starting today, and until the end of December, I've discounted two silkscreen prints in my shop by 15%.  I wanted to give enough time for people to order and have their prints shipped for the holidays.  The prints are the Dalahäst Blå and Like A Bear Knitting silkscreen prints, (seen above).  If you're interested in ordering and need a shipping quote, please contact me before placing your order.

I also wanted let you in on a project I recently worked on with Toronto Tourism, Narwhal Art Projects and Lunch; the giant snowmen that you may have seen popping up all over the city.

During November and December this year, the city has commissioned artist-designed 8-foot-tall snowmen to be placed around the city.  The snowmen were created to raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation Canada.  Each time someone takes a photo with a snowman and either texts, emails or tweets about it, the city will donate $2 to the Foundation.  Their hopes are to raise $50,000 for the charity.  Sixteen artists came up with designs, including myself.  There are a couple of snowmen up currently, including Team Macho's design in the Distillery District, Travis Lampe's in the Delta Chelsea Hotel, and Mark Gervais' snowman seen at the CN Tower.  When mine goes up, I'll be sure and post photos!

To view the TORONTOLAND website, (which is pretty fantastic), click through the link here.


  1. All are sooo lovely!!!!!!!!

    I would like to see yours in person of course!

  2. Thanks Charlyn! I'll definitely post up photos when they're installed so you know where you can go see it! xox

  3. Melinda, I just discovered your blog and have gotten a little lost in it over the last couple days. Ever do that, find yourself unable to close that tab in your google browser? Obviously, your photos and art are just too beautiful and inspiring!

    1. Hi Elly,

      That's so sweet to hear. I've actually been familiar with your blog for a while now, and love checking it once in a while. It's so nice to hear that you've enjoyed mine too!

      All the best! xo