October 23rd 2011

This will be a quick one!

Since I didn't post anything other than the cover of Grand-Remous in the other day's post, I wanted to show a couple of my favorites.

If you're at all familiar, (and who isn't, really), with this past spring's Royal Wedding, you may recognize the pageant outfits on these two rex cats.

I used one Nikole Herriott's father's beautiful handmade spoons as reference for the one above.


  1. haha! I could bring you one next girl brunch?

  2. I will buy it off you! :D xoxoxo

  3. these are so beautiful Melinda! I especially love the second one down. xo

  4. Thank you Sarah! I really liked that one too! This isn't one of them, but I used Chris as a model for a lot of the "sailor" paintings! You can really tell in some of them! haha!