October 22nd 2011

I realized a few days ago that every time you open the page for my blog, music starts up from a video I'd linked.  I think, (so that I'm not annoying readers), I'm going to take the video down, but post a link to it instead.  It's such a pretty video, but I would hate for it to detract readers from visiting!

That said, I wanted to post a bit more work that's been published recently.

This past week I received a copy of University Affairs Magazine with an illustration I did of a street scene set in Montréal in 1911.  It was a tough one to do!  That's a lot of (architectural, eep!) detail!  (Click on the image to see it a little more clearly).

I also did another job for The New York Times; this time for the Dining In section of the paper.  It was so much fun!  Sometimes I feel like I get jobs that were sort of made for me, and this was one of them!  I was asked to illustrate the top of a table; to paint some of the dishes that were rendered beautifully in the article.  It was about a dinner that the author, Mimi Sheraton, had had back in 1953 on a trip to Denmark.  I love Scandinavian food and design, so this was a lot of fun to do!

Here is a link to the original article in the paper.

I'm working on some other things, and will have more work to show shortly.  Until then!


  1. AMAZING Melinda! I am so impressed with the Montreal streetscape! You could do architectural renderings for architects! I just saw all the paintings you updated on your website for Grand Remous and I am blown away! I loved every piece!

  2. Thank you Celine! You're so sweet! Maybe I will get a job doing architectural renderings one of these days! haha! And I'm glad you like the new book! When I get more, I'll have to get you and Jin a copy. xox

  3. I would like to eat the food in the 2nd painting please....heeheeee

    All are beautiful, my talented friend!! xoxo

  4. Mm, me too! The whole meal sounds pretty amazing if you read the article. Yum! Thank you Charlyn! xox