August 28th 2009

Good Morning.

It's my Mom's birthday today, so happy birthday Mom.

Recently, on my way home from a brunch, I saw a church bizarre. I usually stop at them when I see them because I'm always looking for certain things for new projects. So I stopped. And that's when I saw this sweet little cream pitcher. It's glazed to look just like a robin's egg, with tiny brown speckles and everything. I just love it.

Ceramics are one of my weaknesses. I have a ridiculous mug collection at home. Some of my favorite artists work in porcelain and ceramics. And I'm lucky that a couple of them are local artists, and good friends.

I met Carly Waito ages ago, around the time that she and fellow porcelain artist Alissa Coe were forming Coe & Waito. One of the first installations I ever saw from them was created for Come Up To My Room in February 2007, and was later installed in the front of Magic Pony. It was one of the most beautiful and surreal pieces of artwork I'd ever seen. They often leave their surfaces the matte white of the porcelain, leaving their simple shapes to speak for themselves. They have recently begun to switch their business focus from production to consultancy, but will be working on side projects as well. I can't wait to see what they have in store.

Another of my favorite local artists is Naomi Yasui. She has taken over the previous space owned by Coe & Waito to work on projects like her Alchemical Vessel series. Here is a video of her working up a piece. I had so much fun watching this video! I'd never watched her work with a wheel before. You can read more about Naomi and her processes here.

Lastly, a year or two ago a friend sent me a link to Lola Goldstein's work. I instantly fell in love. Her designs are the most adorable things I've ever seen. I especially love her housewares, including her Tertera, a bear teapot with hand-knitted scarf, Especieros, tiny salters with even tinier spoons, and my personal favorite - her leaf-shaped porcelain dolls.

I'd love to experiment with porcelain one day, but for now I'll stick to the church bizarre circuit.

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