December 11th 2010

Anabela Carneiro of Fieldguided posted a nice feature on her blog a couple of days ago. She'd asked some local artists, makers and bloggers to write to her with some of their gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. You can find parts one and two, (which I contributed to), here.

Above is an image from one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time - A Charlie Brown Christmas. I have to watch it at least once every year, and have the soundtrack on while I'm making and wrapping presents. It's so sweet; I just wish it were longer! The movie was released in 1965, and has such a sweet nostalgic look and sound to it. A couple of other favorites:
- A Christmas Story (1983), which Chris made a new holiday tradition for me, and includes his old elementary school in St. Catharines
I watch all of this movies every Christmas, without fail!

I'm starting to really look forward to finishing up work for the season and taking off up north to my parent's for a short holiday. I'm going to attempt to get Chris out on some nordic skis and our old snowshoes to go exploring the snowy woods. So much fun!

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