January 12th 2012

As promised, I'm posting another couple of paintings that both Chris and I worked on before going on holiday in December.  This project was a lot of fun!

We'd been commissioned by our friends Celine and Jin to do a couple of paintings collaboratively.  They'd mentioned that they'd love portraits done of their two sweet cats; Mea and Mojo.  We wanted to take things a little further and include the two of them as well.  After some brainstorming, this was the idea Chris came up with, and I instantly fell in love with it!  I knew it would be so much fun to paint!  Both Celine and Jin have a lot of character, and so do the cats!  This was going to be easy.

We asked them if we could come over one afternoon to take quick photos of the two of them. They had no idea what we were up to!

So we worked on it these two paintings together, while taking breaks from all of our other work.  We were both super busy at that time, but this was welcome work.

Because things were getting to close to Christmas, and the framing shops were all too busy to take on work to be ready before Christmas, Chris decided to make two beautiful pickled pine frames.  He made the pickling stain himself, and I loved them!  I want to frame all of our work like that now!  (It's nearly white, with a bit of natural grain still showing).  So pretty.

We told them we had something to drop off quickly the evening before we left the city.  We'd wrapped the pieces up so that Jin got the painting of Celine, and Celine got the painting of Jin.  Their expressions were perfect when they opened them!

To see a really sweet blog post from Celine, and to see the pieces hung on their wall in their frames, here is a link.

Thanks for being the most fun subjects, Celine and Jin, Mea and Mojo!


  1. What a fun and totally amazing idea! I love them.

  2. I showed these to everyone and everyone says they are AMAZING! You got us perfectly! The way we smile and the way we stand, that is totally how we would look if Mea was Jin's beard and Mojo was my hair-do!
    thanks you guys! There are no words to describe how much we love them!!

    1. Celine, YAY! I'm so glad you and Jin are happy with them! xoxox!!

  3. They turned out so amazing, LOVE them!

  4. I absolutely loooove these!! You guys did such an amazing job! I want one now, haha!

  5. I am in love with these portraits!!