January 4th 2012

First post of 2012!  Happy New Year, everyone.

It's time to do a little post-holiday catching up.  It's taking a little bit of a push, but I'm starting to get back in to work mode.

Just before the holidays, things got very busy!  They always do, but this may have been a record year!  I did what started off as one illustration for The New York Times Magazine, and that turned in to six!  It was thrilling.

The issue I was asked to contribute to was the final of the year, and was dedicated to those that have passed away during the past year.  It was titled "The Lives They Lived".  First off, the cover page of this issue was one of the most gorgeous magazine covers I've ever seen.  It was illustrated by Mike Lemanski, and can be found via the link above.

Ira Glass, Julie Snyder and Lisa Pollak of This American Life guest edited a section in this issue titled "These American Lives".  Included in this section was the article for my favorite of the illustrations I was asked to contribute, "Uneasy Rider", (see image above).  The article was heartbreaking, and made me teary the first read through.  I really enjoyed painting this illustration, but it was a tough, emotionally-charged one.

I realized while looking up articles to link to them for this post, there is a video on the New York Times website of Hugo Lindgren, (editor for the magazine), talking to Ira Glass, (who hosts the NPR radio show This American Life).  I watched it only to realize that pinned up in the background of the video behind the two men is the mockup page of the "Uneasy Rider" article!  In the same room as Ira Glass!!  Okay, I'll calm down...  It was also nice to see Sara Cwynar, an art director for the magazine and good friend, featured as well.

Also in December, I did an illustration for Air Canada's inflight magazine, EnRoute.  Here is a link to the article online.

This post has already gotten completely out of hand, so I'll wait for my next post to tell you all about a couple of paintings that Chris and I worked on together recently.  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful start to 2012.


  1. Happy new year! So cool to see your work all over! x

  2. Wicked art, great exposure. Talented work, thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Anabela! I hope I'll get to see you really soon! I think we're all long overdue for a ladybrunch, don't you think? xox

    Thanks Adam! I hope you're well! It's nice to hear from you.

  4. How excited to get such amazing exposure for your beautiful work. Hope 2012 brings you lots more!

  5. Gorgeous work (as always), Melinda! Way to go. I hope your hands had a chance to rest over the holidays, and prepare you for more great work in 2012. ;)

  6. Thank you Christina, I hope so too!

    And I did, Trish! Phew! My hand is all back to normal now! haha! xo

  7. Happy New Year, dear M!

    These are great, you talented girl!

    (You've been a busy bee!! ;D)


  8. Charlyn, no kidding there! I was inside for most of December! haha! I'm glad you like them! I hope to see you soon! You may have noticed my comment to Anabela; but I'd like to send an email out to all of the girls shortly about getting together a ladybrunch! It's been too long!

  9. oh my gosh!! The newspaper one is too good Melinda! You painted every character!! I love all the paintings and it must give you goosebumps to be "in the same room" as Ira! I love him!

  10. Thanks Celine! Yeah, that was the painting that first started to cripple my hand! haha! Painting text is so hard.

    I was so thrilled when I saw that video, I can't even tell you.