January 16th 2012

Installation in Progress

I spent a little time a couple of days ago helping out Chris and the other members of Team Macho paint one of their new structures that they've been building at the AGO.  

They're creating four separate workspaces in the public gallery in the lower level of the gallery where people can interact with their structures and even create their own work.  Each space is based on the four pillars of the universe written about by Canadian writer Northrop Frye.  These pillars are the cave, the furnace, the mountaintop and the garden.  They've taken these four elements and applied them to each of the structures in context with their own creative process.  

Here is a write-up from this past Saturday's National Post on their creative process.  They've just finished up an interview with the Globe and Mail this morning, and I'll post a link to that as well when it's been published.  Also, here is a link to their article on the AGO website.  To follow progress on their project, they've been uploading images to their Tumblr and updating on Twitter.

Their space will be available to the public between January and April of this year.

{ The mountaintop }

{ The cave }

{ The garden }

{ The furnace }


  1. so this is what the boys have been up to! Crazy! Jin and I have to go see it!

    1. You should! It's an open public area, so you're welcome to visit while the gallery's open! (I'd love to see photos if you do go!) xox