April 3rd 2012

It seems to be a week of magazines!

I just got a delivery to the door.  It was a very large, very well wrapped in a foil envelope, copy of ElleGirl Korea.  They'd recently asked if I'd share the photos Anabela had taken of our home and studio space for her blog, and Anabela was happy to share them!  The article features the homes of a few different international creators, designers and artists, and we were all asked questions about how we decorated our homes and studios.  It was so nice to see it in print!  (And the rest of the magazine is pretty fantastic, too!).

I also picked up a copy of Cottage Life this morning because I knew John and Juli, (of Mjölk and Kitka Design Blog), had their cottage featured in the latest issue.  I didn't realize, however, that there was a photo with my Dalahäst Blå silkscreen print in it!  How exciting.  (Huge congratulations to them both for the wonderful new edition to the family!).


  1. Hee hee, double shout outs! I forgot that your piece was in the photo. Awesome you were in in ElleGirl Korea too!