June 18th 2010

Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to go visit the Rainbow City installation by Friends With You in Queen's Park. It's being put on by the Miami artist duo, partnered up with Magic Pony Gallery, during the Luminato Festival of Arts and Creativity here in Toronto.

The artists created a wonderland full of inflatable characters for people to interact with, (including bouncy castle mushrooms, and giant floating tetherballs!). It's really pretty remarkable to see. If you're in Toronto this weekend, you should make a point of going out to Queen's Park to meet Friends With You!

There is also an exhibition of their artwork, including a collection of their beautiful oil and watercolour paintings, at Narwhal Art Projects, up until July 4th.

For more of my photos that I took at the event yesterday, please visit my Flickr photostream.


  1. It's so great! Geoff and I keep saying how we wish it was permanent.

  2. I KNOW! It's really great! I was trying to figure out how the tethered balls were floating? I didn't see a hose going up to them, so do they just fill them with helium in the morning and let them float away all day? So cool!

  3. i have nooo idea how they do it...but this installation is soo cute!!! i love it. did u jump inside the mushroom??? :)

    i agree with anabela, i wish it was permanent too!

  4. I didn't! I wish I had, but there was a line-up of toddlers in front! I had so much fun walking around and seeing all the little kiddies having a great time, and the families picnicking underneath floating balloons! It really was amazing!