June 22nd 2010

{ Heinz Edelmann / Ke$ha }

From about the age of 7 to 14, I probably watched the Beatles 1968 movie, Yellow Submarine, once a week or more. My sister and I loved it. Since, I've been a big fan of the work of Heinz Edelmann. His work was so original and new for the time.

And that's why I was so upset when I (begrudgingly) watched the newest Ke$ha video for Your Love Is My Drug. I'm sure it was supposed to be an homage to the classic animation, but I thought it was a terrible rip-off.

I feel like it's just reinforcing the trend nowadays to copy everything from the past, because there is nothing original and "it's all already been done before".

I just found out recently that there is a website, (and I'm sure there are many more), dedicated to catching artists plagiarizing other people's artwork, called You Thought We Wouldn't Notice.... I'm glad there are tools out there to cast light on issues like this, but I wish there was no need for it.

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