June 4th 2010

Ages ago, when Anthropologie opened in Toronto, I fell in love with a set of plates. They were knobbly, and naïvely painted, and pictured sweet animals, mushrooms and the Eiffel Tower; they were beautiful.

They're designed by a french painter named Nathalie Lété. I just found out that she was doing a live painting of Anthropologie's Fifth Ave. window, and they posted a video of it on Facebook. (She also did a series of hand-painted dresses, if you can believe it! They featured the dresses on Design*Sponge back in April).

I thought I was pretty familiar with her work, but the more I looked, the more amazing new projects I found! I think my favorite may be the window she painted for Usagi Pour Toi in Tokyo. Her painting is GORGEOUS. To watch her work is sort of hypnotic, because she's so confident with her brush strokes. Her colours mix effortlessly, into perfectly streaked hues. I included a video above of her working on the Tokyo window display; (and you can probably find the New York on Anthropologie's Facebook page).


  1. It's funny, I was just at Anthro last night. I bought the loveliest dress!

    I love that they bring in real designers and artists to work for them. My dress, for example is a Vera. I have always sought out Vera scarves at thrift stores, and never been lucky enough to find any, so I love that they've brought in the new Vera line.

    I find that, even though usually I can't afford anything there, just being in the store is a little inspirational.

  2. you and natalie would make beautiful art babies.

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