June 1st 2010

It's June!

And it's still wonderful out. I feel so lucky.

Things have started to feel a tiny bit hectic, doing illustrations, and paintings for the upcoming show at Narwhal in July. I wish I could paint outside and not get dust in my oil paints. Oh well. I hear it's supposed to be cool and rainy this weekend, which will make it so much easier to stay inside.

A friend pointed out last night that Canadians are known for talking about the weather. A lot. I'd never heard that, but here I am, posting about the weather...

I'll post about some more art-related things soon. Like the new print design I'm working on! I should have something to show in the next couple of days, so stay posted!


  1. Did you make these gorgeous little tarts/cupcakes/clafoutis? They're beautiful!

  2. Erica, I did! They're just simple berry tarts, but the violas on top make everything look nicer! haha!
    The filling is made up of condensed milk, homemade rhubarb berry jam, and I put some blackberries, whipped cream and some lemon zest on top! Very simple!

  3. ....speaking of the weather....I got completely drenched on my way home because I didn't know it was going to rain today!!!
    mmmmm!!! those tarts were SO YUMMY melinda! thank you so much!

  4. I know! I knew it was supposed to rain a bit, but I had no idea it was going to be that much of a downpour!
    I'm glad you liked the tarts! xo