September 27th 2012

If you're already familiar with my work, you'll probably know that I use a lot of mushroom/fungi reference in my paintings.

I'm not really sure when this fascination began, but it was probably when I was quite young.  I did not like eating mushrooms; I thought they were horrible, until an old neighbour who used to watch us took my sister and I out into the woods to look for edible mushrooms.  From memory, I think they were probably King Bolete mushrooms, but she called them 'Butter Mushrooms'.  We took them back home with us, she fried them up in some butter, and they were delicious!  (Butter will do that).

There was a long while when I didn't give much thought to the humble mushroom, until I started adding them to the odd painting a few years back.  Then, in 2010, I took part in a show at Narwhal Art Projects called The Dazzle and devoted all five oil paintings to them.

Now, any time I go up north to my parent's home, I try to go for a walk back in the woods and see what I can find.  This past weekend was rainy and cool; the perfect climate for mushrooms to pop up overnight.

Here are photos of just a few findings back in the woods.  I brought a field guide along with me, and was able to identify some of them along the way.

*(Please note: I'm not a trained mycologist, so please don't use the names below as reference).

Some type of Mycena


Tremellodendropsis semivestitum

Hemitrichia species and Phlebia tremellosa

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