September 6th 2012

Last week was Jenna's last day of working with me for the summer.  She'd been so much help around the studio, and a lot of fun to visit with when she'd come in for her days with me.

For our final work day together, she'd come up with a business card design which she printed using my GOCCO printer.  I think they turned out really well!

This is Jenna printing her second pass of colour on the printer.  She chose a subtle white ink, (only seen from certain angles), as a decorative element in the background, then printed over in gold ink.

Here is the finished result!  I think they look great.

Thanks for all your hard work this summer, Jenna!  To see more of her work, you can visit her blog here, and shortly she'll have a new site up at the web address above.  Yay Jenna!


  1. awe*!!! She seems like she was the best intern ever! And I really love her card design! So sad summer is over :(

    1. I know! But I'm holding on to summer until I have to start wearing sweaters again. ;)

      And yes, she was! She was awesome!

  2. Thank you and no problem Melinda! It was so much fun to work with you, I loved it!!! You are the best. (: ♥♥

  3. P.S. My cards look so much better in your photos than in real life. Thank you soo much. (: