September 5th 2012

I wanted to post a couple of illustrations I did for The New York Times Magazine a couple of weeks ago.

The first was a portrait of chef Juanjo López, titled "Finding the Divine in Madrid's Red-Light District".  (My work is alongside an article from one of my favourite NY Times writers; Mark Bittman, so I'm very flattered!).

The second, for the same magazine; is from the Lives section, titled "Looking for Meaning in the Detritus of Hurricane Katrina".  It's not a light read; the story was very depressing!  But, very well written and definitely worth a read.

Both illustrations were made to be printed quite small, so I'm posting them a little larger here to show a bit more of their detail.


  1. I read the Katrina piece on the subway this morning and it was very sad and tragic, but well written and I noticed your credit for the illustration. Well done.

  2. beautiful, Melinda! Such amazing work you are pumping out for NY Times Mag!