November 11th 2009

Magic Pony put photos on their Flickr photostream from the opening this weekend. You can view them here.

We went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair yesterday, and I took lots of photos. We've only gone a couple of times, but I always really enjoy it. One of the best things about going is the vendors selling homespun wools. I got the makings for a pair of roving mittens, and I got so excited to make them that I knit half a mitt last night!


  1. Oh! Where I'm from hosts the second largest agricultural fair, I didn't even know this one was on! I knit for an alpaca owner that I meet at our fair. I agree, the homespun wools are the best!

  2. The alpaca was my favorite! It was so much fun to see the animals, and they had fresh shearings in a box for you to feel. It's the softest, prettiest wool!

  3. i think i'll have to go this weekend. i love goats!