November 3rd 2009

A while back I had
Celine over to make jam, and she took some really beautiful photos. She posted a few on her blog, but sent them all to me last night. They're so lovely! I absolutely love her photos. Here are a couple that she didn't include on her post, but that I think are really pretty.

Things are really coming together for the book launch this weekend at Magic Pony. Chris and I have been building the frames from scratch, (and there are a lot of them!). They look great with the work, and it's really satisfying to know that the work's been made from start to finish completely by hand.

I really hope everyone can make it!
{ If you can't make it out this weekend, the work will be up in the gallery until November 22nd }


  1. oh dre,
    you look so dreamy in that photo!

    see you on saturday! I am coming with Roz too!