October 31st 2009


cake recipe care of Martha Stewart

We had our annual pumpkin carving party a couple of nights ago, and I wanted to make some fun treats, (as an excuse to bake, because I haven't been able to lately!). I used a recipe from Martha Stewart with cute marshmallow ghosts on top. It was so tasty!

The pumpkins turned out really well, too. The skull one was Cara and Rob's, the "Chris" one was Katherine's, (although she wanted to include a cigarette in his mouth? haha! He got a toothpick instead), and the "Naomi" one was by Anthony. I've never seen a pumpkin with bangs before! Cute!
The owl was mine, the cat was Naomi's, and the one with the giant mouth was Nikki's. Chris' didn't end up in this set of photos, but it was a clock! With clockwork! It was so cute. They've all been getting a lot of attention from the neighbourhood kids on the way to school.

I went to Stephen's show at Narwhal last night. It was pretty incredible. His paintings are really beautiful. He has an Artist Profile on NOW Magazine's weekly feature that's well worth a read.

Finally, Celine wrote a really sweet blog post on our day of jam making last weekend. Her photos are so soft and sweet! Dre looks so handsome! Thanks for a fun day, Celine!


  1. Melinda!!! I love the cake!! It is so sweet!! I love your halloween decorations too!! And you guys made so many amazing pumpkins! your porch must look glowing!

    I should send you the photos from our jamming day! Especially the ones of Dre!

  2. OMG Melinda, that Halloween issue of Martha Stewart was so good! That cake is adorable. I really want to bake the pumpkin ice-cream sandwiches I saw in that issue. Thanks for link to interview:) I am so excited for the release of the book with all your illustrations, can't wait to see it.

  3. Celine - I would love that! Did you take many more? I'd love to see them.
    And Sara, I didn't get that issue of Martha Stewart, but I get her daily emails, and saw the cake there, (after having been sent the link from a friend already! I think she was trying to tell me something!). Hopefully see you at the book launch!

  4. Melinda, you are the best hostess!!!! Thank-you, I had such a good time. The house was so festive.

    One day I'll have a home to host such parties in......*sigh*

  5. Naomi, I'm so glad you had such a good time! We'll have to get together way more often. xox