October 16th 2009

Today is the release of "Where the Wild Things Are", and I'm so excited! Above is a sweet illustration that Josh Maurer did for a WTWTA Drawing Contest.

This was my perfect fall breakfast this morning; a carrot spice muffin that I made yesterday from this recipe on Poppytalk, and a homemade "Ovalatte", a latte made from espresso and Ovaltine! (It's my favorite drink from Ella's Uncle on Dundas Street).

I have a busy and exciting day ahead of me. I've got news, but until things are organized, I'll hold off on sharing it. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe Monday? Next week, and the next little while, is going to be quite exciting!


  1. Are you going to watch the movie today??
    We might, depending on if Yukiko feels up for it!

    I think Ella's is the only place that makes a latte with Ovaltine!! I miss Ovaltine! I should buy some in china town. And that muffin recipe sounds so good!

  2. I think we're watching the movie on Sunday so that all of our friends can make it.
    As far as I know, Ella's is the only place that makes a latte with Ovaltine, (so goooood!). And I just got some Ovaltine yesterday, and it's my favorite!