October 17th 2009

I'm a huge fan of Nani Iro fabrics, and I just found out that they have a new line out right now, called "Antique Label Debut". The one pictured below is called "Hana Kago". The fabrics are soooo pretty. I especially love these tiled poppy prints, (which Chris likened to linoleum, but I still love them!). The colours are really lovely. I got these particular photos from Miss Matatabi's flickr photostream. She always has the best fabrics in her Etsy shop.

For those of you that will be in the city tomorrow, the workroom is having one of their Trunk Shows, and this one is dedicated to vintage clothing, supplies and notions! Fun! It's called the Pure Rummage Trunk Show. I can't wait to see what people bring!


  1. omgosh, those fabrics are beautiful!!

  2. I know, aren't they great? Maybe Karyn can get them at the workroom! Weee!