October 5th 2009

I've been tossing some ideas around lately for some fun projects that I could make and sell on both my website and the Etsy site I opened a while back. I had thought of doing a 2010 calendar, (although I believe I've left it a little late, and the blogs are overwhelmed with handmade 2010 calendars already). Any opinions? Maybe wait until next year and start working on it in July?

Last winter I made some housewares to sell at the Trunk Show at the workroom, and I'd like to make some again using some of the new fabric designs I've made in the last while. I have better patterns now, and better (heat-resistant) batting to use for pot holders and oven mitts. I'm excited to try out some new things!

I also have a couple of ideas that I'm going to further develop, and if they turn out, I'll be sure to post all about them.


  1. please do make housewares and sell the online! I still use my pin cushion I bought from your trunk sale, and love it!!

    My cats love it too, as they will steal it from me if I accidentally leave it on the table.

    And a calendar would be too cool for words! I don't know if it is too late. It is only October!

  2. I love the potholder I bought from you! It hangs on the fridge and it makes me happy. I would be proud to hang a Melinda calendar all throughout 2010.

  3. Thanks Celine & Anabela!
    I appreciate your input!